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As gondoliers, we are accustomed to having cameras pointed in our direction. And while most of us have been featured in the Lifestyle and Travel sections of newspapers, what we are doing this October 22nd and 23rd is truly a sport. Gondoliers are many things, but beyond the boat piloting and customer service, we are all athletes.

Media representatives are welcome to film the races and surrounding activities, from both land and water.

Arrangements are currently being made to provide camera boats for professional journalism staff.

Land-based cameras will be accommodated on the levy wall in Lowell Park.

There is a growing “gondola culture” in America. A recent cover page article in the Wall Street Journal featured some of the 30 plus companies offering gondola experiences in America. Gondolas are usually the “best kept secret” in their city; we run quiet black boats in the dark. This event will offer a rare opportunity to see them – not only in the daylight, but moving much faster than they usually do when they have passengers on board.

Come to Stillwater this October and see it for yourself.

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